Projects and Experiences

During the previous four years I Have Carried out multiple successful projects,
two of which were carried under the supervision of professional electronics companies, And others were submitted as part of course work .

Please keep in mind that the following is a brief introduction of my projects, and PDF document that has in-depth details is available upon request.

Research the possibilities of using NFC tags in instrumentation electronics industry.

The first Project that I did as part of placement in the summer  2015 was Simple Proof of concept of using NFC tags to diagnose and setup measurement instrumentation.In that placement I have also learn the basic of communication protocols like SPI and I2C which helped me greatly when I was taking Microprocessor course in my exchange year  This placement was in a company Called Synectic electronics  in Bolton, UK under the supervision of MR Brian Tonge.

Implementation of test interface for cables, and The usability of MES software’s in electronics manufacturing community.

I have also gained knowledge in Manufacturing process and the usage of MES (Manufacturing Execution Software) By using a package called Factory Logix In my summer placement 2016, In that placement I have also designed and documented test interface for cable that were designed in the company. The company was called Outsource Electronics, Havant UK, and the project was under the supervision of MR Mike Caws. A short project report can be found here

Implementation of Temperature Measurement Device, and Design of manipulator system. 

Two of the examples of interesting project I have carried during my degree would be design and documentation of Temperature  Measurement Device using RTD PT100, AVR Micro controller, and I2C Interfaced Screen. This Project was under supervision of  Assoc Prof Emir Karamehmedovic.
Project Report Can be found here Instrumantation-project-final
I also Have designed and analyzed Cartesian Robotic Manipulator (PPPR) and obtained mathematical equation that govern the whole system, This Project was under supervision of Assist Prof Hanife APAYDIN ÖZKAN And that was carried during my erasmus  exchange program in Anadolu university in turkey.
Project Report can be found here Final Report

Implementation Of Optical Recognition Algorithm {Winter 2016}

In a course called Digital Signal Processing , I wrote an algorithm that successfully recognized the answers for the  end-of-semester professors ranking survey  and a program with GUI that utilize such  algorithm using MATLAB scripting language. After I completed the implementation, I tested  the completed program on scanned page of the actual survey  and it was able to recognize all the answers given by students correctly. The final version of the  program had advance features such as folder digitizing option which  allowed automatic  digitizing of whole folder that contained multiple  JPEGs files and it had a feature which allowed to change the  blackness threshold percentage, which the program used to  differentiate chosen answers.
The Implementation were under the supervision of Senior Assistant Indira Huseinagić.

Implementation of MD5 Hashing BruteForcing Method using Parallel Computing {Winter 2016}

In a course  called Parallel Computing, we were asked to implement a program that utilize the parallel computing methodologies that we learnt during the course. due to short time available, Brute Forcing Programs drawn my attention. Under normal circumstances, Bruteforcing programs often fail to get usable result in sensible time. So i took the challenge to implement a program that successfully brute force hashes in some sensible time.  JAVA language were used to implement program that utilize a model where multiple clients nodes connect to server node. Once the server start  running it will ask user to for the hash that it we will  attempt to break, the number of the clients nodes, when all clients connect to the server. The server send them the hash, and the range that they  will search. When one client find the password, it will send the result to the server, then the server ask all nodes to stop operations. The Implementation of the project were under the supervision and help of Assist Zaid Zerdo.

A short report can be found here 

Implementation of automated green house system using Ladder Logic PLC
{Summer 2017}

The implementation was part of course work to utilitize PLC in any automation project

A short report can be found here

Implementation of contact less current sensing device using AVR MicroController  with C and Java {Summer 2017}

A Short report can be found here

Graduation Thesis [Futuristic 3D IOT enabled HID] {Summer 2017}

A Short report can be found here