Programming Languages

  1. C++
  2. C and Embedded C
  3. Java
  4. HC11, HC12 And Mips Assembly
  5. Matlab / Octave / Maple / R and Maxima for scientific calculations
  6. Bash & Csh

** Playing next on my education journey:Ada & Python

Operating Systems

  • Linux, BSD And Windows


Electronics Design

  1. Digital Circuit Design Techniques
  2. Analog Circuit Design Techniques
  3. Design and Analysis of Robotics  Manipulators
  4. Control Theory And Automation
  5. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  6. Simulink Quanser and Labview
  7. Computer Architecture and Design
  8. Parallel Computing
  9. Communication Protocols and Digital Signal Processing
  10. Spice Simulation {Multisim, Ltspice and Tina Spice}

Office Works, Cad And Technical Engineering Drawing
1.Microsoft Office And Open Office
2.Inkscape And Gimp
3. Dia And Visio
4. AutoCad

Manufacturing Oriented Skills
1.Good Understanding of DFT & DFM (Design for manufacturing and testability ) principles.
2. Experience with Manufacturing Execution Systems Like Factory Logix.
3. Experience with tracking management systems like Trac.

It Skills

  1. Web Development (Html, Css, JS, PHP and Mysql)
  2. Drupal, WordPress, PHP Nuke and Joomla
  3. Virtualization {bhyve, Virtual Box }

Languages, Miscellaneous Skills And Hobbies

Languages: Fluent In English and Arabic, Some communication skills in Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian, Basics  Of Turkish.

Hobbies:  Swimming, Cycling and Running.